NOW Dubia Roaches, EBAY AUCTIONS, (100)LARGE/Extra LARGE Starting @ $1.00
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5/8"-3/4" (Medium) Dubia Roaches for sale

Dubias are by far the BEST feeder insect for your reptiles. They do not stink, chirp, make noise, jump, fly away, drown easily, die off regularly, or bite. They cannot climb smooth surfaces and are very easy to maintain in one of our bug boxes! Dubia roaches can live up to 2 years and breed pretty easily with the right conditions. They have the most balanced fat, protein, calcium, and moisture ratio of all other feeder insects. They have a soft chitin (exoskeleton) that makes it easy for your reptile to digest. Our Dubias are specially bred and raised with our Premium Bug Chow, greens, carrots, potatoes, Fruits.

Make sure you watch the "Make Bug Chow Video" I hold no secrets! Even if someone copies everything I do, They will never COPY ME!