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Dubia Roaches for sale on Ebay (FREE Shipping)

Dubia Roaches for sale on Ebay (reptile feeder insects)Raised on LOWER protein bug chow (If you own a Bearded Dragon you need to know why this is important)  FREE SHIPPING

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Here at ReptDeliciouS we strive for perfection. To ensure that your dubia roaches get to you alive and well, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Orders placed Wednesday thru Sunday will be shipped the following Monday. (Holidays can sometimes throw this system off). All shipments are USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail.

Please do not purchase our dubias if your location temperatures are under 40 degrees, or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

To this day we have not had a batch of delivered dubias die off before arriving to their destination, but if there is ever such a case, you must send a picture within 2 hours of the time delivery was made (on the first arrival attempt). Dubias are pretty hardy creatures, but they can still freeze to death and/or get overheated.

Dubias are by far the BEST feeder insect for your reptiles. They do not stink, chirp, make noise, jump, fly away, drown easily, die off regularly, or bite. They cannot climb smooth surfaces and are very easy to maintain! Dubia roaches can live up to 2 years and breed pretty easily with the right conditions. They have the most balanced fat, protein, calcium, and moisture ratio of all other feeder insects. They have a soft chitin (exoskeleton) that makes it easy for your reptile to digest. Our Dubias are specially bred and raised with our Premium Bug Chow, greens, carrots, potatoes, Fruits.

I Breed Dubia Roaches for the purpose of feeding Bearded DragonS, Yes you can feed other reptiles; But I own Doctor DragonS and Owned the Largest collection of collector quality Bearded DragonS in the Midwest. I owned 18 number one or 2 clutch picks from breeders all over the US. At one time owning over 200 bearded dragons. What would you feed a $40k collection of DragonS? I sell out of the same bins I feed out of. I have down sized my collection due to the amount of time it took to maintain the highest quality of the collection, I stopped Breeding dragons due to the flooding of the market with low quality beardies. I focus now on trying to make the dragons hatched in the US the healthiest they can be. We also run the mail in fecal Lab for testing Bearded Dragon fecal for parasites. "IS THERE ANYOTHER INSECT BREEDER THAT SPOT CHECKS ITS INSECTS FOR PARASITES?"

I own a very small industrial Mill and Mill my own BUG Chow. Make sure you watch the "Making Bug Chow Video" I hold no secrets! Even if someone copies everything I do, They will never BE ME!

I own Doctor DragonS, Black Beard DragonS, & ReptDeliciouS Feeders. I'm a top breeder in the US of Bearded DragonS. Some say "I have the healthiest dragons they have ever seen." I will tell you "The longevity of any reptile starts with its feeders!"

I hold A perfect rating on EBay and carry 5Star Facebook rating with over 7600 likes BlackBeardDragonS -By Doctor DragonS.


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